What is a freight?

Freighter with Cargo Containers

French fret, freight is linked to hire a conveyance. The term can refer to the rental price, the cargo carried or used vehicle.

The concept has different uses depending on the country. In Spain, the freight is the price stipulated by renting a boat. In Argentina, freight may be the freight, the vehicle transporting packages or horse riding. In Venezuela, Costa Rica and Guatemala, known as freight to the value of moving goods in transit.

From a business perspective maritime states that the freight will be paid by the person receiving the goods, the consignee, when she takes over in what would be the area of the discharge port. In this regard, it is noteworthy that in countries and cities with a great maritime activity, freight becomes one of the most important commercial activities in the world.

Hence it has to be stressed that also elsewhere, the term freight is set to refer to a clause set out in the documents which would be the shipment of goods. At that dictates what and records is that they will be paid at the time of receipt.

In addition to this we would have to make clear the existence of what has been called freight insurance. The same is used in that maritime trade area and refers to insurance that is signed to cover damages and losses that may affect cargo ship during the voyage made these sea to reach your destination.

Most pervasively, freight transport are directly carried out by sea using a boat. Allow freight transport all kinds of goods in maritime facilities prepared for movement. Two parts are always produced in arranging freight. The part that gets the boat, transport on which freight will be, is known as the shipowner and freight receives payment based on the distance or volume of goods transferred. The Party of service is known as chartering, defining the product you want to move because of a marine vessel.

The medium recommended for freight transport, especially in shipments of large and heavy volume, is the sea. The charter also increases based on the distance you are looking to travel in the transfer, so that is another factor to take into account when hiring this service. On the other hand, freight can be increased based on whether the transport must wait for his arrival or its corresponding load. The transport of a certain goods, especially if they are very heavy, may have a higher cost of freight.

The minimum amount of merchandise that is set in the freight must be indicated on each of the contracts used to purchase these services. The price depends on the weight freight tonnage based on the distance or path you want to develop to move this merchandise. It is customary for transport are of great size and weight to offset the price and effort service.

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