Ten tips for export from Spain

Ten tips for export from Spain

The success and expansion of the international e-commerce is a reality that the small and medium-sized Spanish companies cannot remain outside. In this global scenario, ensure that the inventory is available for consumers beyond our borders is crucial so that these businesses can maximize their sales. For this reason, it is necessary a 360 degree sales approach that responds to the needs of the consumer in the channels online and mobile.

Currently, numerous brands and European vendors have access to Spanish consumers who want to purchase brands and products not easily available in our market, and the reality is that Spanish retailers must understand that his articles are very attractive in the rest of the world, especially in the fields of fashion and gastronomy.

To help companies meet the needs of e-commerce and maximize the potential of cross-border sale, from eBay we recommend to first know the opportunity at the time in which it is presented. Many companies are ready to export before what they think, and delaying his arrival in international markets may have as a result missed the advantages offered by e-commerce .

Secondly, we recommend to retailers to pay attention to the origin of consumers who visit their shop local online . Thus each seller will know which countries they are interested in focus to start exporting their inventory and develop a much more focused strategy. However, it is very important to not restrict the target too because growth potential would be lost. A good example of this is that 80% of SMEs with presence on eBay sold internationally and much of the international traffic comes from those buyers who visit your local store, which acts as a virtual showcase of the brand, so there is a great opportunity. The use of international means of payment is in third place in the list of essential tips for exporting. Buyers expect to find simple and safe, as for example PayPal, online payment systems because they are decisive when it comes to creating a satisfactory shopping experience and ensuring their return. Let us not forget that security in shopping online is one of the aspects that concern most users.

Exports and imports

Other tips are to adapt the content to the user’s language, offer rapid and satisfactory shipments and place the best and most attractive in the more visible positions products.

Buyers demand a fast shipping, cheap and reliable service. For example, the possibility to follow the State and route of the goods is an option that can improve the quality of the shopping experience. In terms of adapting to the language of the user, once the seller has managed to attract potential foreign buyers to your online store, it is time that arises to translate texts and descriptions of their inventory to other languages so that they do not pose a barrier. It is also interesting to locate the best products or the most attractive ahead. Those products that have better worked in the market of origin of the seller usually who might best work internationally.

We cannot forget investment in research and development, nor abandon the market of origin. Minimize investment and carry out tests to discover what are the markets and products that will maximize profits is a good strategy. Before making any significant investment, it is advisable to do tests in so many countries and so many products and proposals as possible to find the perfect combination. It must also provide facilities for the local market, guarantee free shipping in the territory. This will have a significant impact on the valuation of the buyers and the increase in sales at the local level.

Use the advantages of marketplaces such as eBay, which allows you to reach audiences in their own language and a reduced cost ultimately can increase sales in your physical store, because it allows a greater recognition of its brand.

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