Election of freight for export or import


One of the things that scares companies when you start making imports is vendor reliability. Usually we ask customers who are beginning to whether it can be trusted or another provider. In our experience, this must be applied fairly common sense and take some risk.

Once we have more or less clear who we could buy, start the negotiation process. It depends on the type of product, the country of the supplier, etc. but the negotiation for an import or export may be fast or long, easier or more difficult. There is no rule, but use common sense.

Choosing the appropriate freight for imports is very important. Some of the parameters that an importer must keep in mind is:

  • Size: some believe that a very large multinational forwarder is better because it gives security while some prefer to work with a very small because the service is more personalized. Perhaps the key is to find a medium where we have the best of both sides.
  • Countries where it operates: according to where you want to import can be important, desirable or irrelevant to the freight forwarder has its own home. For example, to import from China is important that the forwarder has its own offices there, it is not always easy to understand the problems that often occur in China. However, to import eg US, where everything is easier, the count is less important offices.
  • Service: The service is always important. Overall, freight forwarders medium size usually give better service than the big multinationals or very young.
  • Prices: this is the most easy to compare, although eye with some freight quotes, which are not clear. Sometimes it is better to ask for a price “all inclusive”.
  • Specialization: according to the goods to be imported, it is important that the freight is a specialist of that good. For example, it is not the same to imports of construction materials, sanitary materials which, cosmetic products, perishable goods, machinery, etc.

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