Basic Documents for Export

Basic Documents for Export

Basic Documents for Export

If you go to an import or export of goods, you should be familiar with all necessary documentation to process the shipment. In this article the basic documents you’ll need like we summarize.

  • Customs Declaration: This document is part of trámitesaduaneros must be prepared and presented by qualified personnel, in this case a customs agent duly registered with the Ministry of Finance. The goods to be exported must be declared to customs within a maximum period of five (5) working days from the date of entry into storage areas enabled, as established by the Customs Law.
  • Transport Document: document constitutes a contract between the shipper (exporter) and the carrier for the transfer of certain goods from one place to another. That is, it is the charter contract between the carrier and the exporter, who has character on title to the goods. Legal basis: LOA (LOA).

According to the mode of transport agreed with the buyer to perform export can be:

  • Bill of Lading: When it comes to shipping, it will contain information such as name and address of the shipper and consignee; places of embarkation and destination; Marks and numbers; class; amount; weight, volume; contents of the package; type of freight; value of the goods; other expenses; delivery condition. etc.
  • AWB: In the case of air transport contain information such as name and address of the shipper and consignee; places of embarkation and destination; andnumber brands; class; amount; weight; volume; contents of the package; type of freight; value of the goods; other expenses; Delivery condition; etc.
  • Knowledge Ground Shipping or Commit Guide: In the case of land transport, contain information such as name and address of the sender; place and date of shipment of the cargo; place designated for delivery; name and address; amount; kind of packages; marks and numbers; common name of the name of the cargo; freight; additional costs and value of the Goods; etc.
  • Commercial Invoice Final: This document is prepared by the exporter to cover the goods. Must be detail as is possible and clearly worded so that the information it contains is to understand with limited knowledge of the language used. The final commercial invoice is a document describing the goods therefore, must contain information regarding the office of exit from the country of origin and port of entry into the country of destination, name and address of the seller, name and address of the consignee, description detailed merchandise, quantities and types of shipment weight and price of the goods, specifying the currency and pointing its equivalent in local currency (excluding VAT), kindof currency, conditions of sale, place and date of issue, in addition to requirements Additional required by LOA (LOA) buyer.
  • Tariff Classification: A document issued by the SENIAT and its function is to ensure both the exporter and government officials, that the tariff item which classified the goods is the one that actually corresponds, according to the provisions of the Harmonized System.

Mandated documents as the destination

  • Certificate of Origin: This is a document that certifies the origin and provenance of goods, based on the rules of origin under the different schemes preference schemes and conventions or agreements signed by Venezuela.
  • Quality Certificate: A document issued by the Venezuelan government through the Fund for laNormalización and Quality Certification (Fondonorma), by which notes that good meets certain technical standard or specification supplied by the interested party.

Documents required by the type of Product

  • Health Registration: mandatory for products subject to some degree of processing that are intended for human consumption, as processed foods, beverages, medicines and cosmetics Document.
  • Phytosanitary Certificate: A document required for exports of Vegetable Origin, which is required in both the Venezuelan customs and customs of the importing country.
  • Zoo-sanitary certificate: Document required for the export of live animals and animal products and animal by-products.
  • Ictiosanitario Certificate: A document required for the export of fishery and aquaculture products.

Optional documents or Complementary

  • Registration of Exporters: A document which indicates that the Applicant has met the legal requirements for registration as an exporter, assigning a registration number.
    Insurance Policy: Although not mandatory, the insurance policy is one of the most used in export operations documents.
  • National Certificate of Added (VAN) Value: This certificate determines the percentage of domestic inputs that owns the product exported. It is only necessary in cases where it is desired to apply for funding for export, benefit from the auto policy and / or Zone Law. This document is managed with the Ministry of Production and Trade.
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